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How can you improve your self-confidence

Confidence is built slowly. There is no way to fix the solution quickly. Don’t be upset for having low-confidence. It can be improved .Be focused and have strong determination.

Self-practice: Your confidence will improve with practice. Close watch all your habits and body language and if you feel that some improvement is required,start practicing from today. Some of the examples which can help you increase you confidence are walking confidently, speaking confidently, keeping yourself clean and fresh, having a good posture, reading inspirational books and engaging yourself in some creative work and many more.

Say big ‘NO’ to self-doubt – Replace your thoughts with more confident ones. Regenerate your negative thoughts with positive thoughts like “I know I’ll end up looking like a fool if I share my views with them” with “Let me put my ideas in front of others, I hope everyone will get help from these ideas.”

Accept criticism positively – No one in the world knows everything. Everyone is good at some thing and not so good at others. Don’t feel nervous or upset if someone criticizes your work. Take it is an opportunity to improve and learn from someone who does better than you.

Be aware of your strength and weakness – Embrace your strengths, and build upon them. After all, your strengths will help you achieve your dream. Accept your weakness. Don’t be afraid to ask people for help – they can add value where you are weaker

Join some organization as a volunteer in your free time. Here you can meet new and different people and get a platform to socialize with them. This will build confidence and decrease social anxiety while talking to someone.

Hope it helps!


Tips to improve concentration in class

1. Try to sit in the first row of the class.I t will help you a lot on focusing in the class and managing all types of distraction.

2. Participate actively in the class.Engage yourself in the discussion.The more engaged you are with the lecture, the more you’ll want to concentrate on it.

3. Turn off your phone during lecture.

4. Take notes during lecture .Writing down the information should help you to concentrate on topic and  keep your brain from wandering.

5. Distractions might be due to some physical reason – you’re hungry, or feeling sleepy, or sitting next to noisy classmates, any of these reasons can be solved to improve concentration.

6. Try to cover the topic at home before attending the lecture. Otherwise, you’ll probably be pretty clueless as what is going in the class, and that will make it next to impossible to pay attention.

7. Take a brief break during lecture is a good idea. When you feel your ability to concentrate starting to slip, then change something. Get another pen from your bag. Cross your other leg. Stretch your muscles. It will help you to get you back on track. 


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