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Welcome little Tom to my world!

It was a summer morning, the day I met u.
The sky was bright, shiny and clear blue.
The sun spread a ray of joy and hope everywhere.
Birds sang their morning song, fluttered around here and there.
Butterfly hovered around green grasses and yellow flowering trees.
River was flowing gracefully through mountain and hills.
A warm breeze passing by touched my soul.
As if it was carrying a message for my new role.
A voice gentle, sweet and low came to my ear.
I looked down and found you my little star.
“I am here mom, I am here! God sent me to you, mom!”
With a motherly love, I hugged you, kissed you and welcomed you my little Tom.
But very soon I realized it was a dream. You were not there.
Yet I could feel your presence somewhere near.
“Don’t be upset. I am inside you mummy”.
I heard the voice come from within.
I closed my eyes and whispered, “Welcome little Tom to my world!”

Dedicated to my little son Mahin… kisses


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